Hydroponics Polo Ducting Kit 100 Dia.

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Hydroponics 100dia Polo Ducting Kit 
  • Growing plants is no longer something that must be done outdoors. Thanks to hydroponics, plants can be grown indoors with the absence of soil and sunlight. Instead, the plants obtain their nutrients from a mineral rich water solution and a grow lamp with simulates the conditions needed for photosynthesis.
  • As with any lighting source, the lamps used in hydroponics could overheat if they’re not used and cared for properly. Excess heat can cause undue damage to your plants as well as having the potential to cause a fire; so it’s important that you ventilate the area sufficiently to prevent hazards.
  • we are stockists of ventilation equipment for a variety of different applications, from air conditioning to hydroponics.
  • The ventilation equipment shown here is designed to be used with a hydroponics growing kit, and has a number of key specifications and features,including the following:

Hydroponics 100dia Polo Ducting Kit

  • This hydroponics ducting kit comes equipped with the following parts:
  • 100dia Carbon Filter 250mm long
  • 100dia Polo Inline Fan
  • 100dia Jubilee
  • 100dia Aluminium foil flex x 2.5mtrs
  • AFDT - Silver Tape 50mm
  • The carbon filter is premium activated and measures 250mm long and 100mm 4” diameter.Under normal operating conditions you can expect it to have an 18 month lifespan. A pre-filter is included, as well as extra virgin carbon pellets which allow for better airflow. The filter has a 0.1 second contact time, which ensures 100% removal of all odours.
  • Available in lengths of 5m and 10m, the ducting tube is made from multi-ply aluminium foil,which makes it flexible, hard-wearing, puncture resistant, and fully operational in temperatures from -30°C to 140°C. Manufactured in line with EU standard EN131080 and British Standard BS 476, the ducting tube is flame resistant and helps prevent the spread of smoke and flames should a fire occur.
  • The polo inline fan is fitted with a circular duct and axial fans which are designed to move air within the ducts. It has an airflow rate of m3/h 100, and a motor rotation of 2650. The power supply runs at 15 watts and V/H2 230/50, and the acoustic pressure is dB (A) 40. It comes boxed but requires a UK plug.

Carbon Filter:

  • Premium activated carbon filter.
  • 100mm 4” dia, 250mm long.
  • 18 month life span under normal conditions.
  • Pre-filter included.
  • Extra virgin activated carbon pellets for better airflow.
  • 0.1 second contact time to ensure 100% odour removal.

Aluminium foil:

  • Flexible ventilation ducting is very flexible, hard-wearing, multi-ply aluminium foil.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • -30 to 140 Deg C operating temperature range.
  • Available in 5mtr & 10mtr lengths.
  • Manufactured to EU standard: EN13180.
  • Fire resistant to BS 476. This is an important Building Regulation requirement as it reduces the risk of fire spreading through the duct to different rooms.

Polo Inline Fan:

  • Axial fans are designed to move air within ducts and is fitted within the circular duct
  • Airflow: m3/h 100
  • Acoustic Pressure: dB (A) 40
  • Power Supply: V/H2 230/50
  • Motor Rotation: 2650
  • Power: W 15
  • Comes boxed but requires a UK plug.   

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