Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Airflow Indicators

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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Airflow Indicators

Air Flow Indicators are designed to be used in LEV systems to ensure that the airflow rate in the system is maintained so employees are protected at all times.

Following calibration the LEV monitor will display an animated arrow, accompanied by an ultra-bright Green LED to provide assurance that the system is operating correctly and safely.  If the air flow rates drop below the set threshold, the LED Monitor will display a flashing Cross accompanied by a Red LED to advise that action needs taking and the system is not safe to use.

Air Flow Indicator Benefits
  • Assists in ensuring adherence to COSHH regulations
  • Easy visual display.  (Arrow indicates ok to use.  X means do not use)
  • Low cost and easy installation
  • Flow rate are maintained resulting in the protection of employees
  • Complete Kit including Hose, and Adaptors.
LEV systems are installed to protect workers from exposure to hazardous substances. They should be tested at least once every 12 months in accordance with regulation 9 of COSHH 2002 regulations. To prevent exposure in between these regular tests the latest guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (HSG258) recommends the installation of Air Flow Indicators at every extraction point to visually show the employee that the LEV is adequately controlling the hazardous substances.

The Air Flow Indicators display the vacuum level at the point of extraction. If the level falls into the Red Zone then the airflow will not be extracting the hazardous substance.

As emphasised in the recent COSHH update (Nov 2013), it is the employers responsibility to ensure that the LEV systems are working to a desired level of extraction to maintain that the employees are protected from the hazardous substances at all times. Air Flow Indicators are the simplest way of achieving this with a constant visual check.

Please Note:
For the Installation of all LEV Indicators, a trained LEV engineer using the correct equipment for testing the airflow will need to ensure that the airflow rate is working to the desired level at the intended point of placement of the LEV Indicator. The Indicators can now be installed and your save in the knowledge that the LEV gauges will be working correctly. 

LEV Monitor

The LEV Monitor also comes with a built in timer to advise that the LEV system is overdue a Through Examination and Test (TExt).  The timer can be easily adjusted to 3, 6 or 14 months.   We stongly recommend that the batteries are replaced each time the LEV system is inspected.
Technical Data
The LEV Monitor can be supplied as either a Direct or Remote Mount solution.  

We strongly believe the best solution is to mount the LEV Monitor direct to the duct.  This helps provide a compact anti-tamper solution with no accessable hoses or probes. 

However when space is limited, the remote mount solution can be used.  We provide the necessary duct fixing kit, including hose and spigot with each unit. 

The LEV Monitor is suitable for most systems with its range upto 2000 pa.  To ensure the the LEV Monitor can not be calibrated when the system is off a minimum set point 100 pa is in place.  

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