Manrose XF Range Wall Fan 100mm

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Manrose Fans 
  • 100mm (4") 
  • Range Maximum pressure: 20 p.a. 
  • Fan speed: 2400 r.p.m. 
  • Sound volume: 41.0 dB(A) 
  • Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC.
  • Extraction Rate 85m³/hrs
  • Standard model for remote switching 
  • As above supplied with pullcord switch
  • Timer model incorporating integral adjustable electronic timer (1-20 mins)
  • As above but with pullcord override switch. Requires no switched live
  • Humidity control which is adjustable between 40% RH and 95% RHComplete with
  • Integral adjustable timer (1-20 mins)XF100HP As above but with pullcord override
  • switch. Requires no switched live
  • Activated model which switches on as a person enters the roomand runs on after the room is vacated. There is no need to connect toa separate switch Timer adjustable between 1-20 mins. Requires noswitched live 
  • XF100 Series designed for wall mounting(pullcord version wall mounting only)through 100mm (4") diameter flexible orrigid pipes or Manrose low profile, flatchannel ducting systems.
  • Electrical 
  • 220-240V - AC. 50Hz . Single phase consuming 15 Watts. These fans are double insulated and do not require an earth. All wiring must comply with current IEE regulations. A double pole isolating switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles, must be used with a 3 amp fuse fitted. The fan must not be accessible to a person using either the shower or bath and mounted a minimum of 1.8 metres from the floor.
  • 100mm (4") RangeMaximum pressure: 20 p.a.Fan speed: 2400 r.p.m.Sound volume: 41.0 dB(A)Maximum operating temperature: 40ºC.

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