REB - 1NE Electronic Single Phase Speed Controller Flush Wall Box

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Fans such as propeller, axial, and centrifugal are used for a variety of different commercial applications, such as bathroom and kitchen ventilation, smoke extraction, and the distribution of air in enclosed spaces.

Having a fan set to operate at maximum capacity is not always necessary, so it’s a good idea to control the speed of the fan. An electronic single phase speed controller allows you to vary the speed of the fan according to the ventilation and extraction needs of the environment at a given time.

The REB – 1NE Electronic Single Phase Speed Controller Flush Wall Box is fuse protected, and a spare fuse is included with it for your convenience. The controller sits flush to the wall and has a minimum speed adjustment, as well as a single ON/OFF switch and control knob for regulating speed.


  • Electrical Supply: 50 Hz - 220 - 240 V
  • IP Protection: IP44 Maximum Current (A): 1
  • Minimum Current (A): 0.15
  • Class: 11
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0/+40

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