Short Round to Flat Duct Adapter

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Short Round to Flat Duct Adapter

Short Round to Flat Duct adapter.  110 x 54mm to 100mm Dia.

Connects Flat Channel Straights to Round Rigid Pipes.

Will also attach to our 100mm range of Grilles.

Use with Hose or Threaded hose Connector to use with our PVC Flex.

Compatibilty with:- PL100 - Systems
Colour:- WHITE

Technical Data

Product Code  Product Description  Free Area
Static Pressure Drop
in Pascals (Pa)
15 L/s 30 L/s 60 L/s
PL100 - RDSFD 110 x 54mm to 100mm Short n /a 4.80 20.40 86.20

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