CFLO100 Small Heat Recovery Ventilation

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The CFLO100 Small Heat Recovery unit comes with a boost switch.

Its designed to run continuously and provide adequate ventilation for the following;

The CFLO100 Small Heat Recovery unit can be used for:

  • Bathrooms
  • En Suites
  • Shower Rooms
  • Wet Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Its recommended not to use more than 30mtrs of duct and 4 Internal Grilles when using HRU100 recovery unit.
  • Will provide up to 75% heat recovery.
  • This Heat Recovery Unit is compatible with 100mm diameter ducting.
  • Eliminate mould and control condensation
  • Trickle/Boost
  • 245W x 160H x 310L + 50mm both sides for spigots 
  • The unit comes fitted with a 2-speed motor, and provides continuous trickle ventilation with a boost option. (2 Way Controller Needed for Trickle and Boost)
  • Up to 100m3/h FID capacity.
  • The unit provides control of condensation andodours.
  • Heat Recovery up to 75%
  • Only 10w on trickle
  • Low Noise 20 dBA
  • Easy to unscrew lid
  • Energy Efficient AC Motor
  • Easy to install


  • Sound Pressure Level
  • Boost – 30 dB(A) @ 3m
  • Trickle – 20 dB(A) @ 3m

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